Skin Needling (with topical anaesthetic) 4 treatments – 26 weeks

$25.00 / week for 26 weeks and a $300.00 sign-up fee

Our skin courses are customised to your needs.  Our priority is to ensure that we can safely deliver the results you desire.  We will choose the depth and target concern with our needling device and all you need to do is follow skin preparation and post care instructions.  We will have you loving your skin in no time!.

4 Skin Needling treatments – 26 weeks

For clients with a variety of skin concerns from acne scarring, enlarged pores, lines and wrinkles and much more…

This treatment programme will include:

  • A comprehensive skin consultation
  • An OBSERV Skin Analysis before and after the treatment course – this will take a deep dive into the layers of your skin, helping us to see congestion, dryness, pigmentation etc under different lights
  • 4 Skin Needling treatments, customised to your skin needs