Deeply hydrate the skin with this rich, luxurious moisturizer. Essential for
anti-aging, dry, and sensitive skin, HydraLuxe improves moisture retention,
reduces visible signs of aging, and preserves the appearance of youthful skin.
Feel softer, smoother skin.
Key Benefits
✓ Softer, more hydrated skin with improved moisture retention and skin
barrier function
✓ Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Improved skin fullness and plumping
Key Ingredients
+ Peony Extract – plumps and preserves the youthful appearance of skin.
+ Chicory Leaf Extract – strengthens the skin by supporting its building
blocks. This botanical also refines the skin’s surface.
+ Snow Algae – a unique algae species that has developed survival
strategies that enable it to grow on glaciers and in permanent snow.
This ingredient has demonstrated the ability to assist in cell longevity
which prolongs the visible signs of aging.
+ IQ: Adaptive Hydration – this delicate balance of ingredients creates
a lipid layer that closely resembles the structure of the skin and adapts
to varying temperatures and humidity levels. It also hydrates and helps
regulate the skin’s transepidermal water loss (TEWL) for maximum moisturization